How People Are Using Green Button Data!

  • Commercial Energy Users

    Virtual Energy Audits
    Energy audits have proven to be a valuable tool in the management of commercial properties. The ability to use real usage data as part of the audit process greatly enhances the quality of the audit. But the ability to review that data remotely without the need to physically visit the property, and to do it more frequently adds further value to the audit process.
    Usage Reconciliation
    It is often difficult to reconcile usage and billing data for commercial properties. Often the billing data is not correlated well so the actual usage on a day-to-day basis. The availability of Green Button interval data greatly enhances the reconciliation process!
    Benchmarking Resource Usage
    Benchmarking for certification and for management purposes provides a way to prove your energy efficiency. The integration of Green Button into the EPA Portfolio Manager benchmarking and certification scoring platform makes the entire process less arduous.
    Validating Efficiency Goals
    Green Button allows you to use real data to prove you are achieving your energy efficiency goals.
  • Residential Consumers

    Efficiency Programs
    Residential energy efficiency programs have proven to provide significant impact on our ability to achieve an sustainable energy future. Green Button provides the feed-back loop necessary to fully engage the consumer and achieve the final element of efficiency moving forward.
    Virtual Energy Audits
    As with commercial facilities, the 130 million residential services in North America will greatly benefit from know where they stand with respect to their energy efficiency. The availability of granular interval data for a growing number of residential meters greatly expands the reach of the virtual energy audit.
    Fact Based Service Deployment
    The availability of real usage data makes it much easier to project the value of new services such as residential solar. Knowing the specifics, rather than just rough averages enables fine tuning of such offerings.
  • Public Institutions

    Management Policy Validation
    Accessibility and transparency of actual data provides new ways to both prove the value of current management policies as well as to enable innovation in the development of new policy refinements.
    Quality of Service Analysis
    Knowing the history of service quality allows for analysis of needs and improvements in both process and equipment. Knowing campus or portfolio wide issues can help in improving the overall service quality.
    Operational Management
    Internal sub-metering and energy management systems are beginning to support Green Button data formats to enable uniform management processes, based upon near real-time interval data, to provide interoperability across multiple vendor sub-systems.
    The coming inclusion of Green Button as an input format for the EPA Portfolio Manager API will further enhance the ability to benchmark and certify your portfolio of buildings.
  • Utilities and Energy Service Providers

    Customer Engagement
    Using real data to engage your customers may be used in efficiency programs that focus on behavior and direct customer action.
    Service Analytics
    Efficiency Programs
    Develop new programs based upon the customer knowing and monitoring their energy usage
  • Software/Systems Vendors

    Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs
    Green Button allows you to integrate your solution with Data Custodians without excessive custom technology integration efforts.
    Market Accessibility
    Know where your services may be marketed based upon the knowledge that utilities are Green Button Certified.
    Interoperable Services Delivery
    Develop and participate in an vibrant ecosystem of service providers to leverage your offering into new markets.
  • Energy Efficiency Organizations

    Stakeholder Engagement
    Work with your stakeholders to leverage the transparency and interoperability of Green Button data.
    Efficiency Program Development
    Inspire new program development based upon the knowledge that consumer feedback can be a central, and low cost, element of program success.
    Efficiency Analytics
    Analyze the effectiveness of your efficiency programs by obtaining real data reflecting efficiency gains.
    Services Development
    Provide new services to your stakeholders by insuring they are able to readily access and share their usage data.