Green Button Download My Data self-test analysis:

Welcome to the Green Button Download My Data file test facility. This page is designed to support self-test of Green Button Data based on the testing and certification plan being developed at UCAIug. The OpenADE task force, which was responsible for the requirements that drove the standards underlying the Green Button, is developing a conformance and certification test for Green Button. NIST is supporting the development of Green Button test tools, such as provided below, through a contract with Hypertek Inc. as part of its support for the Green Button Initiative.

This web page is designed to:

  • Allow you to evaluate the inner structure of a Green Button data file based on the test plan specification.
  • Support your reporting of issues and concerns about this test plan in advance of its finalization.

TEST your Green Button Data File

<%EmitFBRow("FB_1","Common",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_2","Green Button Download My Data",true);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_3","Green Button Connect My Data",true);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_4","Interval Metering",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_5","Interval Electricity Metering",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_6","Demand Electricity Metering",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_7","Net Metering",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_8","Forward and Reverse Metering",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_9","Register Values",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_10","Gas",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_11","Water",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_12","Cost of Interval Data",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_13","Security and Privacy classes",true);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_14","Authorization and Authentication",true);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_15","Usage Summary",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_16","Usage Summary with Cost",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_17","Power Quality Summary",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_18","Multiple UsagePoints",true);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_19","Partial update data",true);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_20","Common",true);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_21","Green Button Connect My Data",true);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_22","Security and Privacy classes",true);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_23","Authorization and Authentication Third Party Role",true);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_24","Request bulk of UsagePoints from DataCustodian",true);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_25","Request of Partial Update Data",true);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_26","Respond properly to various bad or missing data",true);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_27","Usage Summary with Demands and Previous Day Attributes",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_28","Usage Summary Costs for Current Billing Period",false);%><%EmitFBRow("FB_29","Temperature Metering",false); %>
You can analyze a Green Button data file following the steps below. Follow them in order.

1) First select the scope of your Green Button data file from the drop down list:

2) You can override and make additional selections of Function Blocks to test:

3) Select a file to upload from your computer:

4) Please consider checking this box to allow us to keep your file on our server for further tests. Otherwise the file will be deleted after analysis:

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5) Enable download of test results after test execution:

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6) Then to upload the file and have it analyzed!

3) Please consider checking this box to allow us to keep your file on our server for further tests. Otherwise the file will be deleted after analysis:

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4) Enable download of test results after test execustion:

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